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ooommmgggzzz's Journal

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i'm danielle or nani whatever

i like ripping off the heads of sour patch kids and eating the bodies first.

i don't act, sing, dance, draw, or play sports. however i'm the best bullshitter

i'm awkward 0.o

i'm suppose to be a guidette.

i follow anything/everything that william sledd tells me to do. [youtube him now]

i don't even know what color my hair is classified under anymore.

it's getting dyed blonde soon L0L

i still don't know what college im going to

i don't have a myspace or a facebook for an unknown reason ??

i love messing around on photoshop.

im single and not ready to mingle yet

my favorite shows require no brain cell usage

i kind of only hear one band - brand new. But also most indie & akon

i can frolick and walk it out